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Québec By Night
"The chronicles of Kregg"(work in progress)
A historical account of events during the awesome "Vampire; The Masquerade" LRPG
circa 2007@2020


May to August - The selection
June - The Embrace
July to October - The rebirth
November - The initiation
December - The Sharing

January to March - The uprising of the Anarch
April to May - The fun with the Anarch
June to August - Infiltration of the Sabbat
September - The fun with the Sabbat
October - The Feast
November - The Sharing
December - Enter The Camarilla

January - Revenge of the Sabbat
February to March - The fun with the Sabbat
April - The Feast
May - The Sharing
June - The Return of The Camarilla
July to August - The gathering of the Lupines
September to November - The Camarilla debates
December - Debate is over, The fun with the Lupines

January - Settlement of the Camarilla
February to March - The uprising of The Tremere
April - Encounter with The Momie
May - The Tablet of Nod
June to November - The Path of Caine
December - The encounter with the Cappadocian and a Pact with a Tremere

January to August - The Experiment
September - The Promethean
October - The involvement of The Camarilla

Living in the shadows
The final nights??

2007 - 2020 QuebecByNight